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Diana new


  • +52 1 664 771 0256




  • Name Diana new
  • Age 20
  • Height/Weight 5/1/115
  • Services


  • 1 hour $130
    2 hour $260
    3 Hour SPECIAL $360
    5 hour DAYTIME $450
    Overnight (8 hrs) $ask Starts at 10:00pm


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About Me

My nane is Diana new ian come from out of Tj come soon to meet I'm a beautiful girl and complacent, I like to treat people as I would like to be treated, I am romantic, hot and naughty, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you, I am a fan of a pleasant chat, we can since take a drink, get in the jacuzzi, pool, give you a massage, disguise what you want, I am open-minded, if you have a fantasy you can talk to me to realize it without problem!I go to safe hotels, Del Valle pyramids, Harare, v boutiq, narvarte pyramids, Pasadena, pop life, intercontinental, w motels and hotels, etc..I am available 7 days a week 24 hr, schedule an appointment with me at least one hr beforeI accept flowers and details Best to call to Email TO GET ( whatpp AT# (text) For Reservation please allow minimimum 8 hours 7days hrs before or 1 to 3 weeks thank you.Available to go on vacation traveling for 3 days o more ask. travel with you. she will travel anywhere in Mexico. Ask for prices.
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