Lisa New ( IN MEX CITY)


  • 619-793-4940




  • Name Lisa New ( IN MEX CITY)
  • Age 18
  • Height/Weight 5/1 110/105
  • Services


  • 2 hour $200 DLLS
    3 Hour SPECIAL $360
    5 hour DAYTIME $600
    8hrs ask



About Me

My is Lisa Vela new in tijuana if you like to be the first pl make your appt now I call it a Dream, because the Opportunity to s You would like to get to know me better and arrange a Date with me? Dont forget the Champaign :) Cataleya gives High Standart so she deserves luxury und loves it. You can surprise her for example with Booking a Packages" on our Website.I do not have kinds. Visit tijuana for a shoert time.
GFE stands for the girlfriend experience, when the person you are seeing acts like they are your girlfriend, and is very relaxed and natural around you. This connection is more likely to happen if you and your partner click, and can include a range of other things such as dining together, talking to each other, and French kissing. If your partner is male, then it may be referred to as the boyfriend experience. I do not have kins. Visit tijuana for a shoert time . she can travel viajes to any were but no U.S travel viajes SHE LOVE DINNERS AND DRINKS.

Ultiples eyaculaciones en el tiempo contratado excellent service? For Mexico outcall in Baja california Tj, baja malibu Rosarito La Mision for this cities only a
3 hrs of servs. Bajamar Ensenada only a 2 to 3 hrs of servs.Thanks! and SERVICE,(EXTRA) 2 girls show is 350 for 1 hr.

Best to call 619 793 4940 or ( whatpp AT 619 882 8437 OR 619 882 8437 (text) For Reservation please allow minimimum 8 hours 7days hrs before or 1 to 3 weeks in tj by the 20 of this mon thank you.This Ann.


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